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Pick up useful phrases for everyday conversations in Singapore


Singapore Hokkien Webinar for Beginners


Get a sneak peek of our teaching style via this dialect webinar. Bear in mind that this is presented with neither any face-to-face interaction nor direct inputs from your tutor. We’ll see you in person at our workshops for a more immersive learning experience!



Say bye to rote learning. Expect fun facts and engaging activities.


Learn dialect in a flash! We will arm you with cool language hacks.


You don’t have to learn alone. Support is always just a text away.


Hokkien Workshop Learn Dialect Singapore

“Facilitator asks for our interests before the course, in order to tailor the curriculum to our needs. Very engaging activities. The facilitator is very knowledgeable, providing trivia besides only teaching what is required.”

Jing Wei, Hokkien Workshop for Beginners

Cantonese Course Learn Dialect Singapore

“Engaging activities. The course content covered the useful aspects of everyday conversations! I could tell that the facilitator put in much thought to keep participants interested!”

Faye, Cantonese Course for Beginners

Teochew Lessons Learn Dialect Singapore

“Super engaging and interactive! There were lots of opportunities to practise. Fun and light-hearted environment plus a friendly teacher. This has really been a great experience. Thank you very much!”

Gladys, Teochew Lessons for Beginners

Uniquely Singapore

Sabun, Kopi, Gostan… Did you know our dialects borrowed many words from Malay and English? Let’s get local.


Thinking of making your event stand out with dialect-related activities? Or do you need help in creating dialect content or products? We offer customized workshops for bigger groups as well as services such as vetting of dialect scripts, videos and voiceovers. Please get in touch with us directly!

Learn Dialect Corporate School Events Singapore


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We empower seniors in Singapore by training them to be your dialect practice buddies. In that way, seniors leverage their strength and pass on their knowledge to the younger generations. We help to give seniors a sense of self-worth, stay socially connected and be financially independent.

Psst, now that we've your attention...

Did you know, the term “dialect” in Singapore context is a misnomer? Hokkien, Teochew and Cantonese are languages in their own right. We’ve lots more to share. Come & join us on our fun-filled workshops!


Co-founders, Ski & Eugene, address your questions directly

Ski: Personally, we find that 8 x 1-hour classes are not an efficient use of time. Think about the time you take to travel to and fro. You’ll have to multiply that by 8. What about that usual 5-10 minutes that the facilitators take to wait for latecomers? Multiply that by 8 too. That’s the amount of time that you have committed without learning anything yet.

Eugene: So for us, we prefer highly-focused workshops. Since there is a need to travel anyway, we want you to get the most value out of each session. Plus, it’s easier to deal with an overall commitment of 2 weeks, rather than 8 weeks. Don’t you agree?

Ski: I hear you! In fact, during my schooling days, I had trouble paying attention even for a 1-hour lecture. So your concern is totally valid. This is precisely the reason why we include many activities in our workshops. Time flies by in a flash when you are being engaged and having fun! If it helps to assure you, these are some of the feedback by our participants.

Eugene: Yes, we do not like regurgitation or one-way delivery. So fret not, you’ll not be sitting straight for 4-hours and listening to boring lectures. The facilitators love an interactive class too!

Ski: Hey, high five! I’m a slow learner too. My personal experience is that it doesn’t matter how fast or slow you learn. The more important factor is, how much time and effort are you putting in to practise? So if I may, here’s a piece of advice: Don’t shy away from our activities during the workshops. The more you practise, the more we can help to correct your pronunciation.

Eugene: We’ve put in lots of effort in designing the workshops to teach you the tactics of learning dialect(s) quickly. However, if you refuse to speak up during class, your learning is likely to be rather limited. It’s akin to playing tennis. You can read up on all the theories and buy every available book. However, if you don’t go to the court and play it, you’ll never learn it well. So for learning dialects, it’s the same. You’ve got to put in the effort and be courageous enough to keep speaking it. We’ll also be here to support you even after the workshop ends!

Ski: Unfortunately, you can’t. We’re still jumping through hoops to get that sorted out for dialect-related programs. We wish we could too.

Eugene: We accept payment via PayLah, PayNow or FAST bank transfer.

Ski: Too many! Where do I start? For example, how do we make learning dialects as sexy as learning kickboxing, Korean language, etc? How do we excite the younger generation to learn dialects?

Eugene: So come onboard with us! If you agree with our social cause, you can do your part by encouraging your friends and family to learn dialects too. Tag us on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) or simply use #LearnDialect. Alternatively, if you are thinking of including dialect segments in your project, please get in touch. We are always open to different ways of collaboration!

Ski: We get creative… in finding ways to have discussions without killing each other… yet.

Eugene: Well, the wife is always right, isn’t it? Besides, it helps that we have different skillsets and are responsible for different parts of LearnDialect.sg. Of course, there’s just so much that we can do. So if you wish to volunteer your services, our doors are always open. Write to us!