Mou Saai Si Gaan! Your time is too precious to be wasted.

At, we want to help you listen and speak basic conversational Cantonese in the shortest time possible. This Cantonese course – conducted in English – is perfect for beginners, even if you don’t have any Mandarin background. Ready for your highly-focused Cantonese course?

Spoken Cantonese Made Easy

Taught in English

Absolutely no Mandarin background required

Fun-filled Activities

Learn and practise with fellow participants

Language Hacks

Unlock shortcuts and tips for accelerated learning

Learn Cantonese in 8 hours

2 x 4-hour Express Course

15 & 22 February 2020, Saturdays

9am to 1pm

LTC Building, Singapore 409958

S$188 nett, inclusive of course materials

Our December Workshop (14 & 21 December 2019, 9am to 1pm) has been fully booked. If you would like to join the waiting list, please indicate in the Application Form below.

Cantonese Course Requirements

To create a conducive learning environment for everyone, we have 3 basic requirements for this Cantonese Course:

  1. You have no or minimal background in Cantonese;
  2. You are serious about learning Cantonese; and
  3. You want to pick up Cantonese as soon as possible.

In addition, we want to know you on a more personal basis, so as to make learning more practical and applicable in your daily lives. Thus, in the application form, do remember to share with us why you want to learn Cantonese as well as the topics (as listed below) that you are most interested in!

For example, are you learning Cantonese to communicate with your grandparents? Or are you working in the healthcare industry and would need to know some medical terms or give instructions in Cantonese?

Cantonese Course Outline

  • Greetings
  • Basic Phrases for Daily Conversations
  • Numbers, Time & Dates
  • Hobbies & Daily Activities
  • Common Body Parts & Medical Terms
  • Food
  • Cantonese Slangs and Idioms for Everyday Use
  • Tips & Tricks for Picking Up Cantonese Faster

Simple refreshments – water, coffee, tea – will be provided. Hurray!

A certificate of completion will be awarded when you complete both sessions. Hurray! Hurray!

Selected applicants will be contacted via phone and email. Application will close once the class is full.

Learn Cantonese Course Singapore


“Perfect for a beginner’s crash course. You have covered all I need to know to continue and practice. Appreciate all the efforts!” ~ Sammie



“The facilitator is very patient & helpful in answering my questions. Super love the materials, especially the cheatsheet! It helps to make the Cantonese sentences sound more authentic!” ~ Jeaneve



“Basic conversational sentences were taught well. Thus it puts me in a great position to converse causally with the people of Hong Kong.” ~ Wei Yang

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