Huat’s Up· White T-Shirt

(What’s up)

Huat’s Up · Red T-Shirt

(What’s up)

Simi Wa Ko · White T-Shirt

(What the…)

Siao Lang · White T-Shirt

(Crazy person)

Kaobey · White T-Shirt

(Complain incessantly)

Kaobey · Black T-Shirt

(Complain incessantly)

Wah Si Lim Peh · WhiteT-Shirt

(I’m your father)

Wah Si Lim Peh · Black T-Shirt

(I’m your father)

地个凉地个坐 · White T-Shirt

(Sit wherever it’s cool)

地个凉地个坐 · Black T-Shirt

(Sit wherever it’s cool)

Mai Tu Liao · White T-Shirt

(Don’t waste time)

Mai Tu Liao · Black T-Shirt

(Don’t waste time)

Sibei Lenglui · White T-Shirt

(Very pretty girl)

Sibei Lenglui · Black T-Shirt

(Very pretty girl)

Super Chiobu · White T-Shirt

(Super pretty girl)

Super Chiobu · Black T-Shirt

(Super pretty girl)

Sibei Lengzai · White T-Shirt

(Very handsome boy)

Sibei Lengzai · Black T-Shirt

(Very handsome boy)

Super Yandaokia · White T-Shirt

(Super handsome boy)

Super Yandaokia · Black T-Shirt

(Super handsome boy)

Don’t Say I Bojio · White T-Shirt

(Don’t say I didn’t invite)

Heng · White T-Shirt

(To be lucky)

Ong · White T-Shirt

(To flourish)

Huat · White T-Shirt

(To prosper)

Huat · Red T-Shirt

(To prosper)

May the Huat be with You · White T-Shirt

(May prosperity be with you)

May the Huat be with You · Black T-Shirt

(May prosperity be with you)

Download the list of T-shirt designs and available colours here 👇

T-Shirt Designs (All) – x WetTeeShirt Singapore PDF x WetTeeShirt

SGD27 nett each

Huat’s up? We love the dialect puns on these t-shirts, don’t you? 

Of course, if you don’t understand some of them, you may be thinking, “Simi wa ko?”

But trust us, these limited edition designs are very popular. Where else do you get t-shirts that are so uniquely Singapore? Plus, we have selected some cheeky ones too – Siao lang, Kaobey and Wa si lim peh, 地个凉地个坐 … you get the gist.

So mai tu liao. To all the sibei lenglui, super chiobu, sibei lengzai, super yandaokia, don’t say we bojio.

Finally, we wish you Heng, Ong, Huat, especially when you wear these cool t-shirts. Most importantly, may the Huat always be with you!








If you agree with our social causes to learn dialects in Singapore, we hope you can help us to raise more awareness. You will notice that these cool t-shirts come with a special #LearnDialect, printed subtly on the bottom left (yes, we know how big logos on t-shirts may be a big turn-off).

By wearing these t-shirts, you will help to share our #LearnDialect movement more than you think. Of course, if you wish to do a little more, please help us by

  • Taking photos of yourselves in these cool t-shirts and then follow & tag us – @learndialect – on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter;
  • Using #LearnDialect in your social media posts too, so that we can appreciate your support in our little ways;
  • Asking your friends to check out; and finally
  • Using more dialects in our daily lives, so that they don’t become dying languages in Singapore!


Our limited edition t-shirts are unisex and standard fit, the smallest size that we recommend for guys is Unisex S. For ladies, if you used to wearing either ladies cut S or M, we recommend Unisex XS. As each piece is constructed by hand individually, please make an allowance of +/- 2cm for the measurements.

T-shirt Size Chart | Learn Dialect x WetTeeShirt Size Chart

Free secure delivery in Singapore is available for purchases above S$50. For orders below S$50, delivery charge in Singapore is $4.80. Extra courier charges will apply for deliveries into military camps, airbases, airport, Sentosa island, Tuas, Loyang and other far flung areas in Singapore.

As our limited edition t-shirts are painstakingly handcrafted individually in Singapore, it will usually take around 7-14 days to reach you in Singapore.

T-shirts sold are not refundable. However, if you require a size exchange, please send us an email within 7 days after you have received your t-shirt(s). All t-shirts have to be unworn and unwashed, in its original packaging to qualify for an exchange.

We won’t be able to start the exchange if we didn’t receive your returned item by mail. Do note that you are responsible for the mailing charges for exchanges and it may require up to 30 days to process an exchange.


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