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SayWhat? Learn Cantonese Playing Cards

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Ages 18+ · Time: 30 to 90 minutes · Players 4 to 16

Why not learn Hokkien or Cantonese by playing simple yet entertaining card games?

Designed and made by SayWhat?, this is an exciting game of charade, where team members have to guess the words from a combination of blue and red cards. This cheeky game can bring you tons of laughter.

*Spoiler Alert*

Can you imagine yourself acting out the following sentences?

Wa mm si kiam chye.* (Hokkien: I’m not salted vegetable.)

Lei seung jou katt chat. (Cantonese: You want to rent cockroach.)

Yes, the combinations of words get pretty bizarre at times. In fact, you’ll say the silliest sentences while performing dramatic gestures. But that certainly made learning Hokkien and Cantonese extremely fun. By the end of the game, these words will definitely be stuck to your mind!


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*Hokkien and Cantonese romanizations are as per illustrated on SayWhat? cards. Images ©SayWhat?