When was the last time you sang a Hokkien song together with your grandparents?

When I was growing up, my grandmother, aunt and mum would sing the Hokkien song 天黑黑 as they took turns to coax me to sleep. interestingly, everyone had their own version! Have you heard this song before? What does your version sound like?

At LearnDialect.sg, we are compiling different versions of this Hokkien song 天黑黑, as sung in Singapore. Do you have a fantastic 天黑黑 Hokkien music video to share too? Follow Facebook – Learn Dialect in Singapore or @LearnDialect on Instagram and tag your video with #learndialect. We want to hear from you!


天黑黑 欲落雨 | The sky is getting dark and the rain is coming.

阿公舉鋤頭欲掘芋 | A grandfather digs for taro with his hoe.

掘啊掘 掘啊掘 | Dig and dig, dig and dig.

掘著⼀尾旋鰡鼓 | He finds a slippery eel instead.

哎呀 真正趣味 | Oh dear, how funny is this?

阿公要煮鹹 | Grandfather wants to cook a salty dish.

阿媽要煮淡 | Grandmother prefers it bland.

⼆個相打弄破鍋 | They fought with pots and pans

哎呀 真正趣味 | Oh dear, how funny is this?

*Lyrics are loosely translated to English

Now, who do you think has the best rendition of this Hokkien Song, 天黑黑? Leave a comment!

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