Listen to Podcast | Cantonese: How Do You Say “What are you talking about?” 

New Words   
What are you all talking about? – 你哋係講乜嘢? – Lei dei hai gong mat yeh? 
You all – 你哋(你们) – Lei dei 
I have never heard of this before – 我冇(没)听过 – Ngor mou teng gwo 
Can you explain to me? – 你可唔可以講畀我听? – Lei hor mng hor yee gong bei ngor teng? 
Give – 畀(给) – Bei 
Listen – 聽 – Teng 
I don’t understand – 我唔明 – Ngor mng meng 
Can you say it one more time? – 你可唔可以講多一次? – Lei hor mng hor yee gong do yat ci? 

Podcast Transcript | Cantonese: How Do You Say “What are you talking about?” 

Hi everyone and a warm welcome to all of our listeners! This is Eugene from Well, so far, you’ve picked up quite a few conversation starters as well as phrases for self-introduction. Now, imagine you had just turned up at a social gathering. What can you say to join an ongoing conversation? Let’s find it out on today’s Cantonese – How Do You Say podcast

Personally, to join a conversation, I’ll like to ask for a quick download, so that I can contribute constructively. To do that, I would typically say, “你哋係講乜嘢?”.  

“你哋” means “You all” so to ask the question of “What are you all talking about?”, you can phrase it as, “你哋係講乜嘢?”. 

Now, I’ll like to be prepared for the worst situation. What if it’s a conversation topic that you are totally not familiar with? You can say, “我冇听过, 你可唔可以講畀我聽?”. This translates to, “I have never heard of this before. Can you tell me more?”.  

Ok, here’s one more useful phrase for you. 

At any point of the conversation that you feel lost again, try saying this, “我唔明, 你可唔可以講多一次?”. This means “I don’t get it. Can you say it one more time?”.  

Summing up today’s podcast, here are the new phrases for this week:  

What are you talking about? 你哋係講乜嘢? 

I have never heard of this before. Can you tell me more?我冇听过, 你可唔可以講畀我聽? 

I don’t get it. Can you say it one more time? 我唔明, 你可唔可以講多一次? 

Well, let me know how your next Cantonese conversation go! Feel free to share with us by leaving us a comment on Facebook or Instagram. Remember, keep practising! Thank you for listening in to our Cantonese – How Do You Say Podcast. I’m Eugene from and see you the next week!

Our Philosophy for Learning Cantonese in Singapore

At, we want to make learning Cantonese fun, easy and practical for daily conversations in Singapore. As such, rather than figuring out which of the 10 or more Cantonese romanization system to use (e.g. JyutpingYale or Cantonese Pinyin etc.), we encourage you to form your own phonics, so that you make an association with these Cantonese words in the quickest way possible. To illustrate, the romanization of the English word, “eat”, is “Sik” using Jyutping and “Sihk” using Yale. However, in our “Have You Eaten?” podcast transcript, you’ll find that we use “sek”, which we think relates to us better. That said, you may use other romanization (e.g “sake”, “xig”, etc), as long as it helps you to make sense of what you hear.